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"You may not know this because it has been an internal debate for some time on feeling like if we made known Mom's struggle with Alzheimer's Disease public that people may think we were using it to sell product. But if you've ever asked me about the name tattooed on my wrist or what the necklace around my neck reads, you have a good idea.

When I had my first encounter with the wonderful people working at Alzheimer's association, I quickly realized that the disease is so poorly understood that telling Mom's story, OUR story, would help others learn, relate and hopefully, above all, provide comfort to some in similar circumstances.

In 2014 our family began to notice changes in my mother. The once, social butterfly, pulled herself away from her friends, stopped driving, broke social engagements but continued to love fiercely from her home. Her speech rapidly got away from her, letting us finish her sentences until she mostly communicated only by pointing and noises. Her dexterity waned, eating only with her hands, losing her ability to walk on her own and then not at all. We cared for her in her home until the day she passed, June 12th, 2019.

Our relationship with Alzheimer's & Aphasia (diagnosed with both types of dementia) is a complicated one. While it robbed us of the most important woman in our family's life it also brought us opportunity. After all, The Admiral's Daughters started out of the concept of having a flexible job for me, so that I could work from home and help the DADmiral care for Mom. The growth of our company has allowed us to be positive players in our community and use our reach to do exactly what we are doing here — educating and fundraising."

~Lindsay {Co-Founder, daughter of a wonderful woman}

Thank you for considering purchasing from our charity shop. Although we are always in the practice of giving back financially, $10 from the purchase of this tank top will be donated to Alzheimer's association so that we may one day, shed light on this dark disease.

Mom was the original mermaid. Constantly walking the beach, combing for treasures. Our home is filled with bounty found at the water's edge, from conch shells, to sand dollars to star fish to sharks teeth to sea glass. The design on this shirt is a nod to our mermaid, with light beams shining onto this dark disease. We hope no matter what your relation to Alzheimer's or our family/company, you love your family a little harder today.

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