The Admiral's Daughters is a clothing brand that is proud to offer the most comfortable t-shirts and apparel to women of all ages with a view to promote awareness and love of our oceans and military members. Every purchase from our online boutique returns a financial donation to a related charity.




The Admiral's Daughters is proud to contribute to the following worthy causes:



Navy Safe Harbor Foundation aims to ensure that every service member is given an opportunity for full recovery after a serious injury by coordinating the non-medical care of seriously wounded, ill and injured Sailors and Coast Guardsmen, and provides resources and support to their families.

Enrollment in the Navy Wounded Warrior – Safe Harbor is available to service members wounded in combat, as well as to those diagnosed with a serious illness or injured in shipboard, training and liberty accidents. Navy Wounded Warrior - Safe Harbor coordinates the non-medical care of seriously wounded, ill and injured Sailors and Coast Guardsmen, and provides resources and support to their families.

Enrollment lasts a lifetime.

NSHF steps in to fill the gap to provide financial assistance and support to assist Sailors and Coast Guardsmen in their recovery, rehabilitation and transition.

Fun Fact: The DADmiral, Jim Amerault, is one of the founding members of Navy Safe Harbor Foundation 


Plastic Tides is passionate about plastic pollution. We sleep, eat and breath potential solutions, new scientific data, the latest news, and anything else concerning plastic pollution so you don't have to. While we love meeting people like us, we understand that everyone has their own lives with all sorts of other things to attend to, so we aren' asking you to jump into the thousands of articles about this issue or become your local supercharged activist (of course, we'd be stoked to hear from you activists as well!). We are simply asking for small changes in your daily life, a change that can make a difference.

The ultimate goal is to change the mindset about plastics. What was once the answer to every household's endless supply of dirty dishes, is now the problem washing up on every shore in the world, showing up in the stomachs of every animal, and poisoning our waterways. When future archaeologists dig into the striations of the earth and discover "The Plastic Age", we want them to see the end of the age clear as day. The time has comes to do something about our gross infatuation with destroying our planet and that starts with our love for consumerism and single-use products.

We promise to fight plastic pollution on every shore, in every forest, from the cliffs of Yosemite to the the jungles of the Congo, from the waters of Manila Bay, to the cold expanse of Canada's Northern Territories. We want every woman, man and child to understand the importance of this issue, but we especially want the outdoor industry and those that call nature their playground to be the change. The outdoor industry has a strong connection with our mother earth and it's time we as outdoor athletes truly respect her. 


Don't forget that when you place and order with us we donate to the above charities! Help us GIVE BACK

If you have a charity that you would like to suggest to us, please use the Contact form with the subject line "Charity".

The Admiral's Daughters // Why We Do It

As the daughter of a career naval officer, Lindsay Amerault was literally baptized in a ship’s bell. She developed a strong and lasting connection with the Navy and Coast Guard community where she grew up, enduring her own father’s frequent absences at sea alongside the other families of his crews. Sharing Thanksgiving dinners with Sailors and making videos to send to ships are just a few experiences which inspired a lasting admiration of how these tight-knit communities sustained and supported their service member moms, dads, sisters, brothers, husbands & wives during arduous and lengthy deployments at sea and ashore, far away from home.

Lindsay wanted to create a way to remind all of us, as we go about our everyday lives, of the challenges and sacrifices that face our Sailors, Coast-Guardsmen, Marines, and their families. She and her father (the ‘DADmiral’, as Lindsay affectionately calls him) have collaborated to apply their own personal experiences and understanding to a business venture that honors and celebrates those sacrifices while artistically evoking the beauty and romance of the sea surroundings in which they live, work, and, so often…wait.