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My mom used to always tell me to "go for it." She encouraged failure, because she knew that it would lead to success eventually. So when The Admiral's Daughters received a message from an unfamiliar Instagram handle, a 13 year old girl, nonetheless, requesting to meet and chat about potentially collaborating on a shirt, it seemed like a kindred spirit kind of thing.

Addy is ahead of her time. Generous, caring and engaged. She came to our meeting almost overly prepared with full details, Pantone swatches, shirt samples and art all ready to go. All with a view to raise money to donate to an environmental charity. Are you kidding? This 13 year old is MY GIRL, a mini-me (albeit we look nothing alike)! I was S T O K E D.

Together, we created this shirt {shown below}. Proceeds are being donated to the charity that Addy chose, Beaches Go Green.

The Admiral's Daughters Earth Day T-Shirt
Here's a little more about Addy:

How old are you/where do you go to school?
13, and I go to Pacetti Bay Middle School

What piqued your interest in conservation?
I know I have to do my part in saving the Earth and you can't wait or count on someone else to do it.

Have you always enjoyed art/fashion?
I've always enjoyed art and fashion. My mom has worked in the fashion industry since I've been born, so it's in my blood.

Is this your first project like this? How did you get the idea?
I've done other environmental projects but never with fashion. I got the idea by combining some of my favorite interests.

Do you have any more exciting plans/ideas you’d like to share?
I have lots of ideas but I'm focusing on this project at the moment.

Tell us about your plans for Earth Day...
I'm going to be apart of an Earth Day celebration and yoga festival!

Bottom line, Addy is pretty rad and I am truly hoping that when I am {even more} gray that she will remember me and this awesome project we worked on together!

I hope that you continue to kick butt, Addy, and that your influence runs strong and wide for others to mimic. You're already a total rock star, keep that alive!
Thrilled to be a part of your journey.

The Admiral's Daughters Earth Day Shirt Girl Gang

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