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We talk and post often about Boot Campaign over here at The Admiral's Daughters. That's because they are an incredible charity based in Texas, started by a group of women (that's right!) that HUGELY benefit members of our US Military and their families. As we strive to give back in every way we can, they are top of mind. That's why we created the FREEDOM EAGLE T-SHIRT, giving $10 from every purchase straight back to them to fund their life improving programs. Get yours here and read their blog post below!

the admiral's daughters freedom eagle t shirt benefiting boot campaign us military charity frontthe admiral's daughters freedom eagle t shirt benefiting boot campaign us military charity back logos
"As the daughter of a career naval officer, Lindsay Amerault was
literally baptized in a ship’s bell. She developed a strong and lasting connection with the Navy and Coast Guard community where she grew up, enduring her own father’s frequent absences at sea alongside the other families of his crews. Sharing Thanksgiving dinners with Sailors and making videos to send to ships are just a few experiences which inspired a lasting admiration of how these tight-knit communities sustained and supported their service member moms, dads, sisters, brothers, husbands & wives during arduous and lengthy deployments at sea and ashore, far away from home.

Lindsay wanted to create a way to remind all of us, as we go about our everyday lives, of the challenges and sacrifices that face our Sailors, Coast-Guardsmen, Marines, and their families. She and her father (the ‘DADmiral’, as Lindsay affectionately calls him) have collaborated to apply their own personal experiences and understanding to a business venture that honors and celebrates those sacrifices while artistically evoking the beauty and romance of the sea surroundings in which they live, work, and, so often…wait.

And from that, The Admiral’s Daughters was born. 

For three years now, The Admiral’s Daughters has believed in our mission so much that they host their annual Rhythm & Boots event to benefit Boot Campaign. And now, they have taken their support a step further with their new patriotic Free Eagle tee! $10 of every purchase supports the life-changing programs Boot Campaign provides.

And while you’re at it, save the date for the 3rd annual Rhythm & Boots — Wednesday, November 11th, 2020 at Blue Jay Listening Room in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

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