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The Jacksonville Beach shops of Fourth and Fifth Avenue South united Saturday, Oct. 12, to host the first Coastal Collective Market, featuring store specials and the celebration of Sidney Cardel’s eight-year anniversary.

Shop entrances were decorated with balloons as guests wandered through each store. One of them, Sailors Siren, hosted local vendor pop-ups such as The Glided Shell, Case + Drift, Yours Truly Jewelry and more, along with a “bubbly bar” for thirsty guests.

Meanwhile, Ashes Tea Room served tea and appetizers and the Seaside Shoppes, Cottage by the Sea and Gregory Paul, hosted even more local makers and pop-ups.

Taylor Tacos Food Truck parked outside Sidney Cardell’s storefront, while anniversary cake and margaritas were found inside.

“It’s been wonderful,” Sidney Cardel storeowner, Cathy Thomasson, said regarding the market launch and anniversary celebration of the shop that features home décor, interior design and jewelry. “We’ve had a lot of customers, regulars and newcomers, so it’s been really good.”

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The Admiral’s Daughters were the featured pop-up shop of the market and set up business right in front of Sidney Cardel’s door. Cofounded and designed by Lindsay Amerault, The Admiral’s Daughters sells local fashion while benefitting ocean conservation and military nonprofits.

the admirals daughters sidney cardels ponte vedra recorder market place anniversary celebration

“I’ve known Cathy for about four years now and actually worked at Sidney Cardel’s on and off to give them some extra hands,” Amerault said. “I’m very close to them and their cause.”

Amerault is so close to them that she was filled in on the business’s next venture, which is actually to close up shop. Thomasson plans to close Sidney Cardel’s by the end of the month. Although Thomasson is emotional about ending her current business, which has been very successful, she’s also ready for the next chapter in her life.  Thomasson was introduced to a health and wellness company that sells “life-changing products” about a year ago. She said if she had known about the products when her mother, Sidney--who the store was named after--was alive, she would possibly still be alive today.

Thomasson opened Sidney Cardel in honor of her mom and by the end of October, she will close the store for the very same reason.

“It’s a bittersweet anniversary,” Thomasson said. “But I’m really, truly excited about new things to come.”

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